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History of Offshore Bank Accounts.

What is an offshore bank?

Offshore Banking Myths

What is bank account?

According to a study by consulting firm McKinsey and Company published in January, 2007, the value of total global financial assets, including equities, government and corporate debt securities, and bank deposits, expanded to $140 trillion in the 12 months to the end of 2005, an increase of $7 trillion from a year earlier. That is a growth rate of 5.3%.

There are no consolidated figures for the growth in offshore assets - many jurisdictions simply don't release figures. But for those that do, it is clear that the rate of increase in banking, trust and fund assets dramatically outpaces McKinsey's global figure. In Jersey, for instance, banking assets were GBP159bn in December, 2004; by September, 2006, they stood at GBP188bn. That is an annual growth rate of 10.2%, roughly double the global rate; and Jersey banking is by no means untypical of offshore performance. Indeed some other jurisdictions have shown higher growth rates; and fund assets have grown faster even than banking ones.

With 'onshore' high-taxing countries chopping finer and finer in order to remove tax loopholes, and imposing ever more stringent anti-money-laundering rules, it is no surprise that more and more people move their assets offshore, if they are able to.
These type of facts, of course, are very rarely ever reported by news and print media, or by the jurisdictions that are frankly quite embarrassed by these astonishing figures.

There is a staggering amount of money in the world, and more and more of it is in offshore jurisdictions.

Confidence in the safety and integrity of the Swiss financial and judicial systems.


Switzerland has one of the most competitive economies in the world. Physically it is a landlocked, independent country strategically located at the heart of continental Western Europe and measuring 16'000 square miles. It is bordered on the west by France, on the north by Germany, on the east by Austria and the principality of Liechtenstein, and on the south by Italy. Switzerland has a uniquely large banking and financial sector. The country, with its population of seven million plus, is the fourth ranked financial center in the world. German, French, and Italian are the official languages in Switzerland. In most places in Switzerland people use German, especially Zurich. In Geneva, French is the primarily spoken language.

Switzerland is the world leader in banking and asset protection sectors. It has been estimated that over 3 trillions of dollars being deposited in offshore Swiss private accounts. This literally estimates to 35% of the world's aggregated wealth.

The Swiss currency CHF (Swiss francs) is fully backed by real gold bars, currently is the most stable currency and historically will remain the worlds most premier currency. Switzerland has the fourth largest gold reserves in the world, after the EURO countries, the IME, and the US. Your deposits is safe and secure in Switzerland. This may not had hold true in other offshore places.

The banking system in Switzerland, is of world class one, governed by the strictest bank secrecy laws in the world with 100% confidentiality. There can never be disclosure in cases of tax evasion, currency exchange violations, which are not considered as crimes under Swiss law.

Switzerland is not a member of European Union and probably the people never wanted to give up their currency, which has a 'golden' value in international market.

There is no tax on foreign money and risk free investments in the form of stocks, bonds and options.

Inflation rate remains very low in Switzerland.

Switzerland has not been at war with another country since 1505 . The foreign policy of Switzerland is neutral and balanced. No perceived threats of war, escalating to political instability, violence, financial crisis and terrorist attacks on Switzerland. This is a very important factor which differentiates Switzerland from other offshore havens and thus for your safe money held in Switzerland.
The savings ratio, per capita income, low unemployment rate are impressive.

There are about 400 banks in Switzerland and the biggest are Credit Suisse and UBS having a network of offices in Switzerland and abroad. A single bank can perform all services like savings and loans, investments, Eurobonds, stock, precious metals and most common, mutual funds. No exchange controls or rules on holding foreign currencies.


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