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Frequently Ask Questions about Swiss Bank Account


The procedure is very simple.
1. First you order our services from the order page.
2. After paying our fee by Bank wire, or Western Union or credit card, you should send an email confirming the payment and we will send you another e-mail containing a form that you must compile and send back to us.
3. We will pass this information to the Swiss bank and this is where our service ENDS. Further communications will occur between you and the bank only, without our intermediation.
4. After few days (one/two weeks - depending on where you live) you will receive an envelope from the bank containing some forms to compile, the terms and conditions of your account, and a prepaid envelope to send back to the bank the compiled forms.
5. When the bank will receive your envelope your new account will be operative.
The timeframe for all these steps is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your location. A customer from France wrote us that the Opening Kit arrived in three days from Switzerland, another customer from India told us that it took 8 days to reach her location.

Why should I open an account in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a stable, neutral country with centuries of democratic tradition. Swiss Franc is a currency backed by gold and the most stable in the world. The banking sector is so regulated that it's almost impossible to lose money if you put it in Switzerland. The quality of the banking services is excellent and you can manage your account from the comfort of your home, from any part of the world.

Will my account be stable? Are the Swiss Banks you are working with really cooperating in opening accounts for non-Swiss residents?

Sure. First, all the accounts are insured by the Swiss Government. Regarding working with non-Swiss residents : that's normal routine for Swiss Banks. They have clients from all over the world.

Is my privacy really assured with my Swiss bank account?

Totally assured. Swiss bank secrecy is regulated by both civil law (including the banking act) and criminal law. Violation of the secrecy can thus be subject to double punishment: prison and fines.

Do I need special documents to open a Swiss bank account?

No. Only an copy of your passport legalized is required. In case of a business account, the bank may require apostilled Articles of Association and/or Commercial register extract. It depends on which kind of company or business do you have. If you want to know exactly which documents you need for your business account contact us specifying exactly the typology of your business (Association, LLC, Cooperative etc..)

Are the Bank accounts insured?

Yes, the Bank accounts are fully backed by the Swiss government.

I am from the United States, can I open an account in USD?

Sure! Our accounts have a multicurrency feature. You can have your main account in USD, EUR, CHF.

Will I be able to do all banking operations?

Yes. All the operation can be done trough an intuitive and complete online banking interface.

Do I need to come in Switzerland in person to open an account?

No. You can apply online trough this website. There is no need to come in Switzerland in person.

Can I fax you the necessary documents to open an account?

No. Our is only an introductory service : we introduce you to the bank and all the correspondence will be between you and the bank. Usually the opening process is done via snail mail.You can withdraw money from your Swiss account trough a bank transfer to a bank account in your country or using your Credit Card or exchanging a check in a local bank or alternatively you can come in Switzerland and take the money in person.

How can I deposit money in my Swiss account?

You can deposit money in person or trough a bank transfer.

Exactly which currencies can I use from my transactions?

You can use : CHF Swiss Franc, EUR European Euro, USD American Dollar

I heard that Swiss banks need a proof of the economic origin of the funds. Is that true?

This is true only for very big sums, to prevent money laundering. Usually banks will require this kind of proof if you will deposit something like $1,000,000 or more.

Can I cash checks?

Sure, you can cash checks in person or by mail.

Will my account get interest?

Yes, but every currency gets its own interest rate in its sub-account. 

I want to open a Swiss account but I am concerned about my privacy. If I use your services is my personal data at risk?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is 100% protected in many ways with us!

We act only as an intermediary and our job ends the exact moment we will pass your information to the bank. From that moment all the communications and all the correspondence will be between you and the bank. We will not be informed by the bank about the status of your application, nor we will be informed about your financial situation or banking data.

Your personal data and your correspondence with us is maintained strictly confidential .

It's possible that the bank will reject my application?

Yes, the possibility exists but it's very, very remote. Nobody of our clients was rejected so far, and we opened hundreds of accounts. Usually a bank rejects an application only if the applicant is an international criminal , or he/she comes from third-world, "risky" countries like North Korea or Iraq.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Sure. If the bank will reject your application, we will refund your money entirely.


Our support is second to none : we reply to most emails within 24 hours (even in minutes if we will receive them during business hours).




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