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Frequently Ask Questions about US Bank Account

¿Why do you want a US Bank Account?

To receive payments ACH or Wire from US customers. To receive wires worldwide. So you can receive payments from USA citizens easy and fast.
You can transfer your money from PayPal, Stormpay and take it out from any VISA ATM machine. You can make investments in US and International Companies.

If you use PayPal or Ebay to make some money ocassionaly. You need a US Bank Account.

If you have, or want to have, clients in the U.S. You need a US Bank Account.

If you want to make serious business in the Internet. You need a US Bank Account.

How long will it takes to open my US Bank Account?

It will take less than 2 weeks from the day you send out your application forms. "2 weeks" is actually the time it takes for your air mail to reach the bank’s office in the US. If you use a courier service like FedEx or UPS, it will take less than a week! Once they have received your forms, they will process your application within 1 working day. After your account application has been approved, they will send you a confirmation email so that you will know that your account has been opened. So far, none of my clients have been rejected.

Can I deposit US checks to the US bank account? (Adsense, Affiliate Commission, etc)

Yes, definitely. This is the one of the reason why people are looking forward to open a US bank account.

You will ask the payee to send the checks to you. After you received the check, you will need to sign at the back of the check (endorsed it) and have it mail back to the bank directly. They will deposit your check in 1 working day after they received it. And it is FREE to deposit your checks. You will save a lot of commission by utilizing this bank.

What is needed to open USA bank account?

The bank just ask you to send the applications and the copy of your passport to open your account. You will send the money after the bank send your account documentation, account number and web site password for e-banking.

How can I make my initial deposit?
You can use Paypal, Stormpay, 2Checkout or any services that accept ACH transfer. Other ways you can make your first deposit: mail your deposit (personal, cashier's, bank, or other check) directly to the bank, Wire your money. Then you can deposit: ACH deposits, banks wire worldwide, Personal checks, Certified checks, Money orders, Cashier's checks, Corporate checks, Debit and credit card checks, Foreign checks payable in U.S. dollars and through a U.S. Bank, Temporary checks.

Are deposits with the Bank insured?
Yes, Bank deposits are FDIC-insured up to $100,000.00. More information at

What other documents do I need?
None. The only document you will need is a photocopy of your passport. The photocopy does not have to be notarised.

I don't have a passport. Can I use any other ID?
The bank announce that you need a passport or any other government issued photo ID. I used my passport that's why I recommend it.

How can I withdraw my Paypal funds?
You will have the instructions in how to set up your Paypal, Stormpay, 2Checkout or any other account that accept ACH transfer to send your funds to your US Bank account.

Do I have to pay you, the bank or a 3th party any other fees?
You don't have to pay me or any 3th party anything else. The fees for the banks are free for 12 months, even if you have just US$5 in your account . After that time your account can stay free of maintenance fees if you keep it active with US$ 1000 of deposit every month or with a minimum of US$10000 in your balance.

Which others way to withdraw money?

For checks, you can write them in any amount that can be covered on your balance. You can make wire transfers to any other bank account up to your actual balance. (US$ 25 fee for wire money out of your account), the account has to be on same name as your US account. Other way it will require a notarized letter payment order.

What is the cost of wire transfer?

$0 per incoming wire and $25 per outgoing wire.

What should I do to deposit US checks?
The process is very simple. Use your deposits slips. Simply endorse the check and mail it directly to the bank with the deposit slip.

Can anyone open an account?
Accounts can not be opened for people from these countries: Canada, Liberia, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar).
Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.

Our support is second to none : we reply to most emails within 24 hours (even in minutes if we will receive them during business hours).




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