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Opening Austrian Private Bank Account

We have a relationship with an established in 1890 in Vienna and highly prestigious bank in Austria which should meet your needs for offshore banking in Austria as well as you investment banking needs.

If you are a wealthy investor looking for extra privacy in a country other than switzerland, then banking in austria is a worthy option. Austria is not a member of EU and not subjected to EU laws on sharing information. Bank secrecy is deep rooted and well respected. There are no taxes levied by Austria on foreign investors.

Austria is a very good alternative for private banking compared to Switzerland because in switzerland ...

* Too much of regulations against foreigners aginst money laundering and other criminal activities.
* Swiss Withholding Tax (levied on foreigners)
* Most banks ask for a Personal visit.
* Extra formalities in opening your account.


No personal visit to Austria required. Account can be opened by mail or online.
Personal Account.
Wealth management services.
Portfolio Management services.
Brokerage services
Internet banking / Online Trading.
No Taxes for foreigners
Personalised account manager fluent in many languages.
Account opening by Mail

The bank expects a minimum of USD 130'000.

Internet online view mode is available for you to keep track of your balance and a Credit Card to provided access to your funds.

To apply for an Austria bank account, you must fill in the bank applications form which will be provide to you. Notarized identification and passport copy required. The documents must be sent to the Bank directly and a reasonable time allowed for the application to be evaluated, usually 2-3 days. On approval, an account number will be assigned to you, at which time the minimum initial transfer of EUR 100,000 must be made.

It should be comforting to note that banking confidentiality and privacy are enshrined in the constitution of Austria.

International Prepaid debit card - free of charge delivery



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