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Opening Austrian Numbered Account

Austria is a famous country for its strict bank secrecy laws, if you are looking for a country other than switzerland. We can help you to open an account with one of the biggest banks in Austria. There are no taxes in austria for international customers.

  • Major financial institution
  • Multi-Currency account (US Dollar, EUR, ...)
  • 24 hours world-wide access to your funds
  • Access to international wire and SWIFT payments
  • Deposit cheques by mail
  • Strong banking secrecy
  • No banking reference requirements
  • No minimum deposit requirements
  • No additional fees for opening
  • Savings Account without ATM card
  • Possibility of stock trading by free depot inclusive
  • Online Banking in the German language
  • Instant application


The Austrian banks profit from the very strict Austrian banking secrecy. After the European Union entry anonymity was abolished with savings accounts, not however that accounts without judicial arrangement to be abandoned to be allowed. Very strongly the Austrian banks profit to Eastern European countries also by the upswing in central and, since large portions of the profit come already from there, and by a close bank net, which majority by buyings up formerly national banks one reached, to be ensured.

You can manage the Numbered Bank Account without any detailed information's to your person. All pieces of evidence and statements etc. are prepared with name "numbered account" without personal information's. You don't receive any postal sendings with the exception of the degree statement which is sent in a neutral envelope to you.


International Prepaid debit card - free of charge delivery

Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.


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