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Opening USA Bank Account

You can open a USA Bank Account without Social Security Number, without being in the US, and low cost. . Everyone, regardless of country of residence is entitled to a U.S. Bank Account. 

If you are selling using PayPal, 2Checkout or any other common payment service, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your funds to your country.

Checks usually come from affiliate commissions and other internet earnings. If you deposit the checks at your local bank account, they'll charge you a high transaction fee.

Withdraw your PayPal funds. You can be paid via PayPal for various reasons.  If you do not have a US bank account, there is only one way to use your PayPal funds, which is to use it online through other PayPal merchants. By having a US bank account, you can withdraw your PayPal funds and then use the money anyway you want. Having a US bank account also allows you to fully activate and verify your PayPal account.

  • Reliable major financial institution
  • Bank deposits are FDIC-insured up to $100,000.00. More information at  
  • Bank Account for non-residents of the USA
  • Transfer funds from PayPal, 2Checkout etc for FREE
  • 24 hours world-wide access to your funds
  • Access to international wire and SWIFT payments

Option # 1 Brokerage Checking account!

  • Transfer funds from Paypal, Stormpay, 2CO.... for free
  • Deposit checks.- You can deposit checks issued by a US Bank. Just fill the deposit slips (you can ask them for free), endorse the back of the check and mail them to the bank address.
  • Wire money in and out.- You can wire money in your US Bank account for no charge. You can also make wire transfer out of your account for a US$25 fee (For your security you will need to send an authorization letter to the bank for wire money out)
  • No SSN. No US Address.- Because this account is for non-residents, so you will NOT need SSN, or us address, not even your local tax number.
  • Just with your passport.- You can use your passport and your home address.
  • Fantastic On line Banking.- The bank provides a GREAT on line banking service, so you can check your account when you want it, werever you are. You can also order new checks, deposit slips or make transfers.
  • No account minimums.- After you send your initial deposit, you can keep your account with any ammount you want.
  • No fees for 12 months.- You wil pay no fees for your first 12 months. After that you pay US$40 every 3 months unless your keep US$1000 deposits every month or US$10000 as a minimum balance.
  • Excelent Bank Rating.- This bank is one of the most respected banks GLOBALLY. It's listed in the New York Stocks Exchange and has more than US$7billions in capitals.

    Accounts can not be opened for people from these countries: Latin, central and South America, ie: Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Colombia. Neither Canada, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Australia, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar)


Option # 2 Checking account with Visa Debit Card

  • A personal bank account with your own unique bank account number
  • Personalised Visa debit card with your name embossed on the card
  • INTERNET, ATM and Point of Sale usage (PIN or signature)
  • CVV2 Code and Expiration Date (2 years)
  • Your account is personal. Each account has its own UNIQUE bank account and NOT JUST a Direct Deposit Account.
  • International issue - available to most countries worldwide.
    Contact us for more details.

Option # 3 Brokerage account.

  • Debit Card: Yes, Platinum
  • Checkbook: Yes
  • Deposit Check: Yes (even foreign currency)
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $25,000
  • Personal Account: Yes
  • Business Account: Yes

Option # 4 Brokerage account.

  • Debit Card: Yes, Visa Gold
  • Checkbook: Yes
  • Minimum Opening Deposit: $10,000
  • Personal Account: Yes
  • Business Account: Yes


Option # 5 Brokerage account.

  • Debit/credit Card: No.
  • Checkbook: No.
  • Minimum Opening deposit: Not required.
  • Wires out fee $25.00 Only to others accounts at your name.

What is a brokerage account? The first step to building your portfolio is to open a brokerage account. These accounts allow you to purchase stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments by paying professionals to buy or sell the items you tell them to. The fee you pay them is called a "commission", and can range from as low as $5 to $10 dollars, to upwards of several hundred dollars. The price difference arises when you choose between either a discount or traditional broker. Traditional brokerages provide a wider range of services, and have the price tag to match.

These brokerage Accounts Option 3 to 5, can not be opened for people from these countries: Canada, Liberia, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar).

Extremely Easy Paperwork. Requires only a photocopy of your passport. You don't even need any certification, notarization or apostille.


International Prepaid debit card - free of charge delivery


Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.


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