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Opening Swiss Classic Euro Bank Account

Enjoy the security and privacy of your own Swiss Classic Euro Bank Account. 

You can open this account, if you live in:
Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, UK.
Opening of this account for foreign domiciled companies is not possible.

You can open your account in all major currencies, usually clients open account in CHF (Switzerland Francs), USD (United States Dollar) or EURO.

Minimum opening balance is CHF 1,000 or equivalent in other currency.

Your account will only be fully activated AFTER you fund your account with this amount.

The maintenance charge/service fee of the account is FREE.

The bank has a SWIFT code to easily received money from all over the world. The bank can also used IBAN for money transfer.

Online banking is available in English, German, French and Italian.
You can deposit foreign checks by mailing them directly to the bank. The fee is CHF 5 per check.

Maestro ATM/Debit card is available. Each withdrawal fee is CHF 5. In order to received the card, you will need to place a secured deposit with the bank. The amount of the secured deposit is double your preferred monthly withdrawal limit. For example, if you want to withdraw maximum CHF 1,000 in a month, you will need to place a secured deposit of CHF 1,000. This rule is common among Swiss banks towards foreign customers (customers not from Switzerland). You can also shop offline with your Maestro card and the fee is CHF 1.50 per transaction. The card can not be used online. Card is applied after account is opened.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are also available. They are REAL credit cards like in the US or other countries and can be used online and offline. The secured deposit for a credit card is CHF 10,000. If you withdraw money with your credit card, the fee is 2.5% (minimum CHF 10). Card is applied after account is opened.

Apostille required.

What is an apostille of documents?

Bank will not accept applicants from Argentina, Afghanistan, Balkans, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Colombia, Cook Islands, Dominica, Egypt, Grenada, Gautemala, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Moldova, Morocco, Nauru, Nigeria, Niue, Pakistan, Russia, St.Vincent, Phillipines, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, USA.

International Prepaid debit card - free of charge delivery

More information:

Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.



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